The most diverse and broad-based grassroots coalition from across the city is supporting Mayor Quan for re-election.

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“Jean Quan championed the Ceasefire program that brings the community together to work

with gang members to address the underlying causes of violence. It really works and has

helped save many lives.”

-- Rev. J. Alfred Smith, Jr., Allen Temple, Ceasefire Collaborative



J. Alfred Smith Jr., Allen Temple

J. Alfred Smith Sr., Allen Temple

Reverend Martha Taylor, Allen Temple

Reverend Valerie Miles-Tribble

Bishop Yvette Flunder, City of Refuge

Reverend George Cummings, Imani Church

Pastor Raymond Lankford, Healthy Oakland

Bishop Frank Pinkard, Evergreen Baptist Church

Bishop Joe Smith, Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church & Bay Cities Ministerial Union

Reverend Andrea Davidson, Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church

Pastor Nicolas Pacheco, Iglesia Bautista Dulce Refugio

Pastor Larry Ashley, Cosmopolitan Baptist Church

Father Thomas Paris, Greek Orthodox Church

Pastor Brian Woodson, Bay Area Christian Connection

Pastor Jeremiah Captain, Galatians Missionary Baptist Chuch

Reverend Cheryl Ward, Cheryl Ward Ministries


“Jean Quan is a former School Board member who has dedicated her life to finding better

futures for our kids. She is raising the funds to put 2,000 of our youth to work this summer

and is strengthening the School to Career Pipeline to prepare our youth for 21st Century jobs.”

-- Rosie Torres, Oakland School Boardmember



San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Former SF Mayor Art Agnos

Congresswoman Judy Chu

Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano

Assemblymember Paul Fong

Former State Senator Carole Migden

Former Assemblymember & Deputy Mayor Sandré Swanson

Former Assemblymember Joe Coto

County Superintendent of Education Sheila Jordan

Former Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker

Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb

Former Oakland Councilmember Henry Chang

Oakland School Boardmember David Kakishiba

Oakland School Boardmember Jumoke Hinton

Oakland School Boardmember Anne Campbell-Washington

Oakland School Boardmember Rosie Torres

Oakland School Boardmember Chris Dobbins

Former Oakland School Boardmember & Superintendent Gary Yee

Former Oakland School Boardmember Lucella Harrison

Peralta Community College Board Trustee Abel Guillén

Peralta Community College Board Trustee Nicky González-Yuen

Peralta Community College Board Trustee Cy Gulassa

County Board of Education Member Joaquin Rivera

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar

Alameda Councilmember Stewart Chen

Alameda Councilmember Lena Tam

Berkeley Councilmember Darryl Moore

Berkeley Councilmember Kriss Worthington

Berkeley Councilmember Jesse Arreguin

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Boardmember Alejandro Soto-Vigil 


“Under Mayor Jean Quan’s leadership, the Port of Oakland has improved as a major economic

engine and jobs generator for the region. She has brought both market rate and affordable

housing to the waterfront, increased our import-export business, and positioned our airport as a major hub.”

-- Michael Colbruno, Port of Oakland Commissioner



Michael Colbruno, Oakland Port Commission

Victor Uno, Oakland Port Commission

Alan Yee, Oakland Port Commission

Ces Butner, Oakland Port Commission

Earl Hamlin, Oakland Port Commission

James Head, Oakland Port Commission

Jazy Bonilla, Oakland Planning Commission

Adhi Nagraj, Oakland Planning Commission

Jim Moore, Oakland Planning Commission

Donna Murphy, Oakland Commission on Aging

Karen Smulevitz, Oakland Commission on Aging

Julina Bonilla, Workforce Investment Board

Doug Wong, Wildfire Prevention Advisory Board & Retired Firefighter

Leslie Bonnett, Former Cannabis Regulatory Commissioner

Jose Dorado, Violence Prevention Oversight Committee

Jay Ashford, Oakland Budget Advisory Commission Former Chair

Marlene Christine Hurd, Oakland Housing Authority Commissioner

Sokham Mao, Juvenile Justice Commission

Tony Robinson, Juvenile Justice Commission



Alameda County Building Trades Council

Oakland Education Association

SEIU: Service Employees International Union 



International Association of Firefighters Local 55

California Nurses Association

Communication Workers of America

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 595

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 16

Ironworkers Union Local 378

Northern California Carpenters

Northern California Laborers Local 304

Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Sprinkler Fitters Local 483



League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay

Oakland Rising Action

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Block by Block Organizing Network


“Our families are safer because Jean Quan has worked so hard to get federal help and to

strengthen and diversify our local police and bring real community policing to the city.”

-- Barbara Montgomery, West Oakland Neighborhood Leader



Michael Morgan, East Bay Symphony

Carl Chan, Oakland Chinatown Chamber Foundation

Don Link, North Oakland Community Policing Neighborhood Leader

Barbara Montgomery, West Oakland Community Policing Neighborhood Leader

Phil Tagami, California Group

Eva Aguillard, East Oakland Community Policing Neighborhood Leader

José Dueñas, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Amie Fishman, East Bay Housing Organizations

Lynette Lee, Affordable Housing Advocate

Pamela Drake, Small Business Leader

Karen King, Merchant Leader

Yui Hay Lee, Organization of Chinese Americans

Nicholas Vigilante, Montclair Neighborhood Leader

Ed Yu, Chinese American Citizens Alliance

Joyce Gordon, Joyce Gordon Gallery

Bryan Cauwels, Save Oakland Sports

Sara Somers, Save Oakland Sports

Conway Jones, Arts Advocate

Sharon Rose, Block by Block Organizing Network

Evans Daniels, Block by Block Organizing Network

Susan Montauk, Activist for Clean & Safe Parks

James Vann, Oakland Tenants Union

Valerie Winemiller, Piedmont Avenue Neighborhood Activist

Alex Miller-Cole, West Oakland Neighborhood Activist

Andrew Park, East Oakland Neighborhood Activist

Carol Bernau, Butters Canyon Activist

Susan Hayes-Smith, City of Oakland Activist

Emily Rosenberg, Oakland Dog Owners Group

Michael Tigges, Montclair Safety Improvement Council

Thomas Cameron, Chabot Heights Neighborhood Leader

Timothy Chapman, Dimond Neighborhood Leader

Dan Swafford, Dimond Neighborhood Leader

Allene Warren, East Oakland Neighborhood Leader

Beverly Williams, East Oakland Neighborhood Leader

Mercedes Rodriguez, West Oakland Neighborhood Leader

Medhanie Ogbe, Eritrean Community Leader

Phuc Tranh, Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce

Sandra West, West Oakland Neighborhood Leader

Kathy Dwyer, Harbor House Executive Director

Julie Jones, Fruitvale Presbyterian Senior Center Director

Richard Cowan, Former Redwood Heights Neighborhood Association Chair

Sarah Glasband, Oakland Teacher of the Year

Annalee Allen, Oakland Preservationist

Howard Neal, Attorney at Law

Ray Gallagher, Scott’s Seafood

Elissa Dennis, Community Economics

Bobbi Feyerabend, Landscape Architect

Carl Holland, SF Bay Insurance Services

Charles Henry, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus

Christie & David McCarthy, Rockridge Residents

Connie & Stan Weisner, Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Leaders

Dale Risden, Montclair Neighborhood Leader

Linda Wong, CORE Coordinator

Dr. Reine De Cielo, Business Woman

Ethel Provost, Neighborhood Leader

Gen Katz, Woodminster Resident

Gerry Goeres, Lincoln Highlands Neighborhood Volunteer

Howard Kirsch, Upper Rockridge Resident

Jim Mittelberger & Anne Mudge, Head Royce Parents

Jo & Norm Budman, Oakland Community Activists

Jonelyn Whales, City Planner

June Ko-Dial, Redwood Heights Resident

Kathy & David Kahn, Montclair Neighborhood Leaders

Marcia Henry, Dimond Neighborhood Leader

Peg Lum, Minna Avenue Neighborhood Watch Block Captain

Rollington Ferguson, M.D.

Sue Duckles, Butters Canyon Conservancy Board

Sue Piper, North Oakland Leader

Sue Yascolt, Redwood Heights Resident

Suga-T, National Hip Hop Icon, CEO & Mentor

Young Whan Choi, North Oakland Community Activist

Barbara Ginsberg, Laurel Resident

Andreas Culver, Alameda County Building Trades Council

Fernando Estrada, Northern California Laborers Local 304

Derrick Bulls, 100 Black Men

Judy Belcher, League of Women Voters

Linda Taylor, Former Elmhurst Principal

Brett Badelle, East Bay Black Young Democrats

Brennen Byrne, Clef CEO

Josie Camacho, Laurel Resident

Jenny Nguyen, Youth Leader

Mu Ting Cen, Youth Leader

Eduardo Collaco, OPD Citizen Academy

Mariano Contreras, Latinos for Jean

Susan Flakus, Democratic Party Activist

Ramon Jimenez, Fruitvale Leader

Sam McNeal, West Oakland Neighborhood Leader

Marcus Montague, West Oakland Neighborhood Leader

Anil Pandey, Nepalese Community Leader

Ellen Parkinson, West Oakland Community Leader

Christine Quan, Former Skyline PTA President

Jim Gormly, Thornhill Neighborhood Leader

Sheryl Walton, East Oakland Leader

Angie Tam, Toler Heights Community Advocate

Anthony Adams, Montclair Resident

Eileen Benevedes, Community Volunteer

Michael Davis, Laurel Resident

Michael Davis, East Oakland Resident

Joe Devries, City of Oakland

Jessica Forbes, North Oakland Resident

America Foy, Montclair Resident

Sarah Garner, East Oakland Resident

Anabel Granados, San Antonio Resident

Jessea Greenman, North Oakland Resident

John Gulino, Adams Point Resident

Donn Gurule, Adams Point Resident

Richard Johnson, Glenview Neighborhood Leader

Marilyn Lawson, Lions Creek Leader

Miguel Paredes, SEIU Organizer

Diana Tam, Business Woman

Sanalli Phelps, Uptown Resident

Kit Vaquilar, ACCE Activist

Sophy Wong, North Oakland Neighborhood Activist

Sammy Willis, West Oakland Resident

Rumi Ueno, Labor Mediator

Anwar Abdul-Azim

Carolina Abolio

Jean Adams, Acorn

Dereje Adamu,

Sango Akinsoga, West Lake Resident

Moises Aleves, Clawson Resident

Roxanna Allen,

Pam Alston, Upper Rockridge  Resident

Jess Alvarado, Upper Rockridge Resident

Norma Ambriz-Galaviz

Grace Amin, San Leandro Resident

Dylan Arrauly

Dan Ashbrook, Sequoyah Resident

Erica Bailey. Fairfax

Jerry Bailey, Oakland Resident

Anna Barnard, Oakland Resident

Matt Drury, Glenview Resident

Eoncisco Edaza, Peralta Hacienda Resident

Relena Ellis

Cesar Escalera, West Lake Resident

John Bliss, Upper Rockridge Resident

Michelle Bobbett, Highland Park Resident

Charlie & Hope Boije, Piedmont Pines Resident

Sharon Boone

Clarence Boyde

Stephanie Bradshaw, Forestland Resident

Elisa Brasil, Frick

Bernadette Breen

Doug Brooms

Felicia Brown

Larry Brown, Toler Heights Resident

Nicole Brown, Toler Heights Resident

Thomas Brown, Oakmore Resident

Cheryl Bryant Bruce, Fairfax Resident

Amy Burns, Grand Lake Resident

Larry Byes, Seminary Resident

Mary Cain-Simon, Oakmore Resident

Jacqueline Caldwell, Clawson Resident

Elizabeth Callaway, Upper Laural Resident

Joyce Carr, Fitchburg Resident

Kim Carter

Shomari Carter

Darlene Ceremello, Bushrod Resident

Lawrence Chan, Alameda Resident

Raymond Chan

Randy Chau, Merritt Resident

Wesley Chee, Chinatown Resident

Anna Cheng, Peralta Hacienda Resident

Cindy Chu

Vo Chu, East Peralta Resident

Kevin Chung, Emeryville Resident

Elizabeth Clark , City Center Resident

Shelley Coleman, Fairview Park Resident

Nance Conner

Ana Contreras, Sobrante Park Resident

Alarrin Crawford

Carl Crook, Paradise Park Resident

Colleen Crowley

Manlon Cruz

Eric Cummings

Margaret Cunningham, Rockridge Resident

Malinda Deal

Art Desuyo

Deng Did

Tina Diep, San Francisco Resident

Joel Dorham

Loretta Dragon, Montclair Resident

Stephanie Drake

Lovesh Karwal, Oakland Resident

Cindy Ke, Upper Rockridge Resident

Sylvia Keilc, Oakland Resident

Kathy Kelley, Skyline Resident

TJ Evans, North Oakland Resident

Michelle Ewiry, Oakland Resident

Shanette Fee, Maxwell Park Resident

Diane Ferlatte, Oakland Resident

Diana Fong, Oakland Resident

James Fowler, Oakland Resident

Lou Giampa, Oakland Resident

Javier Gonzalez, Oakland Resident

Lloyd Gregory, Oakland Resident

Hugo Guerrero, Oakland Resident

Anna Haber, Oakland Resident

Patrick Haggarty, Bella Vista Resident

Bennett Hall, Montclair Resident

Carol Hall, Oakland Resident

Michelle Hall, Fruitvale Resident

Mickey Hall, Oakland Resident

Jonathan Harden, Adams Point Resident

Ralph Hardy, Fruitvale Resident

Edith Harrll, North Oakland Resident

Gregory D. Hartwig, San Antonio Resident

Michael Hawkins, Upper Rockridge Resident

Yumin He, Oakland Resident

Rob Henderson, Oakland Resident

Carlos Hernandez  Lake Merritt Resident

Chris High, Montclair Resident

Vincent Ho, Downtown Oakland Resident

Brian Hofer, Diamond  Resident

Rachel Hogan, Oakland Resident

Charlene Hoobaly, Fruitvale Resident

Chiyeh Hu, Jack London Square Resident

Hui Xian Huang, Fruitvale Resident

Jerry Hudson, Rockridge Resident

Morgen Huey, Oakland Resident

David Hume, Maxwell Park Resident

Derrick Hunter, Oakland Resident

Blake Huntsman, Oakland Resident

Jeffrey Huynh, Brookdale Resident

Namsaar Id Deen, Upper Rockridge Resident

Kathy Jackson, Oakland Resident

Stevem Janak Oakland Resident

G. C. Jeter, Millsmont Resident

Chiquita Johnson, Jack London Square Resident

Michael Johnson, San Antonio Resident

Rae Jones, North Oakland Resident

Rich Jones, Oakland Resident

Vernon Juniel, Elmhurst Resident

Lynne Kalman, Oakland Resident

Raj Kanani, Fruitvale Resident

John McInge

Ed McKay      

Dwight McQueen     

Yvette Mcshan

Pat Kells, Oakland Resident

Brad Kelly Lake Merritt Resident

Meghan Kennedy, Woodmister Resident

Betty Key, North Oakland Resident

Abbey Kletz, Oakland Resident

Jonny Kloberdanz, Oakland Resident

Debbie Koppman, Diamond Resident

Stacy Kubuschke Oakland Resident

Pilar Laboure, Maxwell Park Resident

Cynthia Lagatuz, Fruitvale Resident

Teresa Lai, Oakland Resident

Dorian Laird, Piedmont Avenue Resident

Jackie Lam, Millsmount Resident

Mike Lam, Lake Merritt Resident

Ricky Landerts, Oakland Resident

Joyce Lau, Alameda Resident

Tommy Le, Oakland Resident

Reneca Leathers, Oakland Resident

Jasmine LeBlanc, Lafayette Resident

Frank Lee, Laurel Resident

Tim Lee, Oakland Resident

Lissa Lemus, Reservoir Hills Resident

Steve Lenh, West Oakland Resident

Melody Lespois, Oakland Resident

Lily Leung, Alameda Resident

Jessica Li, Oakland Resident

Kitty Li, Oakland Resident

Kun Ying Li, Glenview Resident

Ellen Liang    

Sam Lieu , Clinton East Peralta Resident

Choi-Sing Louie, Rockridge Resident

Steve Lowe, Jack London Square Resident

David Lu , San Antonio Resident    

Peter Lund, Rockridge Resident

Bob Lux                     

Mary MacDonald, Rockridge Resident

Margo Mahan, Redwood Heights Resident

Bob Mallder  

Esteban Marino De Paz, Melrose Resident

Kevin Martin            

Suzanne Maruschak            

Dan Mason, Downtown Oakland Resident

Damar Maxey, Sequoyah Heights Resident

Ken Maxey    

Eric Mcafee, Lake Merritt Resident

Lorrie McBride         

Walter McCain, Adams Point Resident

Kris McCall    

Gillian Reid    

Hugh Reid     

Rick Rickard, Bike East Bay              

Al Ringgold    

Rox & Richard Mead            

Ron Mendes              

Alejandro Mendoza-Castilla, Crocker Highlands Resident

Arnold Mew  

Colin Miller, North Oakland Resident

Carolyn Mixon, Longfellow Resident

Daniela Molien, Glenview Resident

Jim Moore, Rockridge Resident

John Moore, Clinton Resident

Rolando Morales, Allendale Resident         

Barbaretta Morris, Sequoia Resident

Derrick Morris          

Barbara Morton       

Ashley Mulder          

Della Mundy, Piedmont Avenue Resident

S. Catherine Muriel, Montclair Resident

Nan Murrell              

Chandra Narayan    

Michelle Nguyen      

Tommy Nguyen        

Jacinto Noriega         

Chiyo Nukaga           

Adolfo Nuno 

Scott Okamoto          

Mekka Okereke                    

Bunny Olsen, East Oakland Hills Resident

Jerry Ostrander                   

Brian Parker            

Ellen Parkinson, West Oakland Community Leader      

Jonathan Parry        

Christine Pattillo     

Jean Pauline, Oakmore Resident

Alan Phan                

Pysay Phinith          

Andrea Plesnarski   

Betty Pon     

Aaron Potash           

Laura Quan   

Sean Quinn, Oakmore Resident

Gabriel Quinto, Stonewall Democratic Club

Debra Ramirez         

Kim Ramirez

Joel Ramos    

Dianne Read, Lake Merritt Resident

Mary Reagan            

Dean Reed    

Tracy L. Reed, Piedmont Avenue Resident

Chris Roberts            

Joe Roberts   

Paul Roberts

Gina Robinson

Jesus Rodriguez        

Sam Roth       

David Rovno

Reychal Rups            

Joqai Ruva     

Daveon Sadusky       

Terry Saed    

Aisha Samatar, Lake Merritt Resident

Jessica Santiago        

Katie Schoneman  

Chavon Scott, Maxwell Park Resident

Cisse Siaka, Westlake Resident

Allison Sieber, Redwood Heights Resident

Gladys Simmons, Eastmont Hills Resident

Luann Simmons, Merriewood Resident

Walter Sims, West Oakland Resident

Tommy Siu

Andy Slivka

Marc Smith, Uptown Resident

Michael Smith, Cox Resident

Rahki Smith

Stan Smith, Hayward Resident

Venus Smith, Allendale Resident

Brittan Sneed

Margaret Snell, Oakmore Resident

Jasmine Sohal, Old Oakland Resident

Sylvia Stadmire, Foothill Resident

Eddie Starks, Sobrante Park Resident

Rob Stoker, San Leandro Resident

Virginia Sung

Shaun Tai, Lakeside Resident

Danielle Tate

Hatti Tate, Millsmont Resident

Paula Taylor, Temescal Resident

Victor Temple, Arcata Resident

Andrea Thach, North Oakland Resident

Randy Thompson, West Oakland Resident

Eric Thoone

Anna Ting

Elizabeth Torres, East Oakland Resident

Phillip Tou, Laurel Resident

Myra Tran

De Truong, Lakeside Resident

Hannah Truong, Eastlake Resident

Vy Truong, Eastlake Resident

Rebecca Tse, Fremont Resident

James Turner, Woodminster Resident

Lisa Vela

Maria Vermiglio, East Oakland Resident

Christopher Vernon, Longfellow Resident

Jimmy Vongsy

Deborah Wafer, Uptown Resident

Bipin Walia, Lakeshore Resident

Jennae Wallach, Crocker Highlands Resident

Corwin Walsh

Melrose Washington, Downtown Oakland Resident

Frances Watson, Piedmont Resident

John White, Piedmont Resident

Herb Williams, El Cerrito Resident

Kent Williams

John Wilson, Elmhurst Park Resident

Stan Wong, Cleveland Heights Resident

Alice Wong-Roth, North Oakland Resident

Wendy Yee, Adams Point Resident

Edward Yoo, Glen Highlands Resident

Dan-Ching Young, Upper Rockridge Resident

Tami Zhu, Piedmont Avenue Resident

Susan Rovetta, Lakeshore Resident

Charles Anderson

Amy Burns

Walter Sims

Gina Robinson

Dorian Leigh Laird

Elisa C. Brasil

Yvette Mcshan

Vernon Juniel

Edith Harrll

Barbara Morton

Jerry Hudson

Moises Aleves

Colleen Crowley

Annabelle Goodridge

Sue Grandt

Angela Alvarez

Elliott Okiwelu

Teresita Bautista, East Lake Resident

Pary Chuong, OUSD Teacher

Gary Jin

Susan Hayes-Smith, City of Oakland Activist

Elissa Dennis, Community Economics

John Harrison, Attorney


“Our sports teams are a big part of the spirit of our city. Jean Quan is the first Mayor to really

fight to keep our teams—and the jobs they create—here in Oakland. Thank you, Mayor

Quan, for your work to make Coliseum City a reality.”

-- Bryan Cauwels, President, Save Oakland Sports


*Titles & affiliations listed for identification purposes only.